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Contacting West Midlands Police

June 17, 2010

Some of you may have noticed that the contact telephone number for West Midlands Police has now changed.

It is now 0345 113 5000.

The reason for the change is that the old 0845 number, while offering cheaper local rate calls to landline users, made it very expensive for mobile phone users to contact. The new 0345 number means that callers are charged at the same rate as any other landline call, whether using a mobile or not. Callers using a mobile phone with an inclusive minutes package will see that call to West Midlands Police will not be charged separately.

Hopefully, this should lead to a reduction in the number of inappropriate 999 calls made to the police. We were finding that people used the 999 system to contact us because the call is free. However, there are a limited number of operators on the 999 system, who do not have the time to deal with non-urgent requests. Their job is to handle serious, life threatening incidents.

If there is a crime in progress, or someone’s life is in danger, then 999 is there to be used. Any non-urgent calls should be directed to 0345 113 5000. You will find that you will actually get a better service by using this number, as 999 operators may well just terminate your call if they feel it is appropriate to do so.

When you speak to someone at West Midlands Police, it is also a good idea to get the name and identity number of the person you are talking to. It makes it much easier for you if you have to contact again. We have about 100 ‘PC Smith’s in the force and a similar number of PC Jones, so unless you know their collar number or location, it could be difficult to track them down. If the person you contact has an extension number, please take a note of it, as the next time you call you can enter the extension number through your keypad and get straight through to your contact, without having to wait for your call to be directed by a member of our Contact Management Centre.

Calls to West Midlands Police are recorded for training and security purposes.

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