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Police crack down on fake, forged or borrowed identity documents.

July 15, 2010

 Walsall police are issuing an amnesty on young drinkers who enter Walsall town centre and use fake or borrowed identity to gain entry to clubs and pubs, but be warned – it’s not for long.

The warning, issued by the town’s licensing team, comes following a spate of young people getting caught trying to use fake or forged identification. At least five reports of under age persons trying to gain entry to pubs and clubs by using borrowed or forged identity documents are dealt with by police at the weekends.

This weekend, starting Friday 16 July, police will begin a crackdown on this type of crime. Officers and door staff will be checking the identity of anyone they feel may look younger than 18 and if caught, their correct details will be verified and they will receive a warning.

From the end of July, anyone found in possession of borrowed, fake or altered identity documents is likely to be arrested and prosecuted.

The Identity Cards Act 2006 makes it an offence to have another person’s identity documents to try to convince someone that the holder is over 18. If caught they could face an unlimited fine and up to two years in prison. The Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981 makes it an offence to be in possession of any document that has been altered or that contains incorrect information, such as a fictitious date of birth. Someone found guilty of this offence can be sent to prison for up to ten years.

Sergeant John De-Hayes, from Walsall licensing team, said ” we want to ensure that safe and responsible drinking is taking place within Walsall town centre especially at its busiest periods. We have recently dealt with people who are obviously under age who have borrowed an older friend’s, brother’s or sisters identity documents to try to gain entry to the clubs and pubs in Walsall.

If you are thinking of buying a fake identity card or changing a document – be warned – officers and door staff have been trained to spot fakes and forgeries. Even a good fake is a poor replacement for the genuine article. We have found people in possession of cards such as Motorcycle Provisional Licences which have been purchased off the internet. The buyer has given false information to make sure the date of birth on the card makes them appear to be over 18.

These types of card are meant to be novelty items, but they are being used more and more for unlawful purposes. Spending a night in a cell and getting a criminal record is not a novelty.”

He added ” we are giving this warning to deter anyone who is thinking about using fake identification to get into pubs and clubs in Walsall. We want to highlight that this type of behaviour is criminal and if caught you could end up with a record which could affect your choices later in life. We don’t want one night out to ruin anyone’s life.”

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