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Beware of e-mails from the Tax Office

September 8, 2010

You have no doubt heard on the news that HM Revenue and Customs have managed to muck up the PAYE system so that millions of people who have overpaid will now receive refunds, while others have underpaid and may have to stump up more.


It has not taken the criminal fraternity long to latch on to this and scammers are already busily sending out e-mails purporting to be from HMRC informing the recipient that they are due a refund and to send their details for the payment to be made.


This is a ‘phishing’ exercise designed to obtain bank details so the scammer can fraudulently remove funds from the victim’s account. 


HMRC DO NOT inform taxpayers of a rebate/refund by e-mail, or invite them to complete an online form to receive a repayment.  The fraudulent e-mail should be ignored: under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a response be sent.


For more information, including examples, please visit HM Customs and Revenue website at


Please spread this message and possibly prevent someone from becoming a victim.

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