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Cocaine + Alcohol = Danger

September 10, 2010

For some people, a night out at the weekend involves the use of two recreational drugs. Alcohol and cocaine.

In most cases, the sale and consumption of alcohol is strictly controlled, whereas the supply of cocaine is unlawful, unregulated and poses serious risks to health.

Recent studies have shown that combining alcohol and cocaine creates a whole new chemical in the body – COCAETHYLENE.

Alcohol Policy UK have published a number of papers about the effects of this chemical on the body, but the upshot is that drinking excessively and taking cocaine at the same time can have serious health implications.  Researchers have also shown a link between violent crime and the effects of cocaethylene.

Please take time to check out some of the links that follow – this is one of the reasons we regularly deploy drug sniffer dogs in Walsall, to deter people from carrying and using drugs like cocaine.

Originally published by Alcohol Policy UK

As part of a series of drug awareness clips, Oxfordshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) have released a YouTube clip to raise awareness of cocaethylene, a unique compound produced when mixing alcohol and cocaine. Earlier this year the AERC Alcohol Academy produced a Cocaethyene briefing paper [pdf].

Other information resources include the website and Nottingham’s ‘heart and soul’ campaign. For further drugs information see or visit for alcohol advice and information. The OASIS website offers a ‘self-help’ approach for alcohol and cocaine users.

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