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The team

Who are we?

The Walsall Borough Licensing Team is made up of two police officers;

Acting Sergeant Bren O’Hare

PC Angie Forster.

The officers in the team have a broad range of policing experience to bring to their role. The team is committed to supporting the four Licensing Objectives as set out in the Licensing Act of 2003.

  • Preventing crime and disorder 
  • Promoting public safety
  • Preventing public nuisance
  • Protection of children from harm

What do we do?

The team fulfil the statutory obligations placed on the police by the Licensing Act, working in partnership with other licensing authorities to check and approve applications for Premises Licences, Personal Licences and Temporary Event Notices. The team also deal with variations to licences and ensure that any licence conditions are appropriate and enforceable.

The vast majority of licensed premises in the borough are very well run, but occasionally, we receive reports of possible breaches of licence conditions. These reports come from members of the public, patrolling police officers and other licensing professionals. Each case is investigated and a range of strategies are used to resolve issues.

Our aim is to make sure that each and every venue in the borough is complying with the law and with the conditions of their licence. Our approach is to work with the venue to resolve problems and althought there are a range of sanctions available under the Act, we prefer to seek compliance through negotiation rather than punishment.

Local policing

The team work closely with your local neighbourhood officers, offering advice and support to ensure that the risks of alcohol related crime and disorder are kept to an absolute minimum. One of our biggest areas of work is ensuring that people visiting Walsall town centre at the weekends have a safe and enjoyable time.


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